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Vegan butter tarts

Vegan pizza with seitan Italian sausage and cashew mozzarella cheese

Cannabis-infused vegan chocolate fat bombs

Vegan cinnamon buns

Vegan carrot “hot dogs”

Vegan TVP and bean chili

Vegan coconut-pumpkin seed cookies

Homemade vegan Big Mac

Vitamix orange juice

Frozen strawberry daiquiri from the Vitamix

Pumpkin soup from the Vitamix

Cold tomato and red pepper soup

Hummus with tahini

Stovetop popcorn

Whisky and green tea cocktail

Limoncello gin cocktail with grilled thyme

Watermelon gin punch

Cilantro-lime guacamole with tortilla chips

Kohlrabi-radish slaw with cilantro and cumin

Quinoa and avocado salad with lemon-cumin vinaigrette

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