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Braised rabbit with fennel

Coniglio in porchetta

Source: Cucina of Le Marche, Fabrio Trabocchi

I’ve had rabbit in restaurants on a few occasions, and have always enjoyed it. I also often see fresh rabbit when I go grocery shopping at the Atwater Market. So while I’ve been anxious to cook rabbit for myself, you don’t often come across rabbit in recipe books.

Keith received the Cucina of Le Marche cook book as a Christmas gift, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a rabbit recipe in it. It’s a beautiful recipe that really lets the rabbit shine; it’s a simple braise recipe that doesn’t overpower the flavour of the rabbit.

So we headed to the market, and picked up a fresh rabbit, plus the other ingredients for the dish. Rabbit handles much like chicken, except it’s leaner and much more flavourful.

This recipe reads like any chicken braise: prepare and cook the flavourings, brown the meat, then let the meat simmer in a wine/broth mixture. Leave it for about 90 minutes, after which you have a fabulous meat course. A perfect recipe for entertaining, because while the rabbit braises, you’re free to clean up or prepare other courses.

Pick up Cucina of Le Marche, and make this one for yourself!

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