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Pumpkin crème caramel

Source: Good Housekeeping (available online)

My parents visited this weekend for an early Christmas celebration. They brought a large organic chicken that we pretended was a turkey. For dessert, they brought this recipe for pumpkin crème caramel as an alternative for the traditional pumpkin pie. As the official baker, I was to bake dessert.

I’ve never actually made a crème caramel before… I typically stick with crème brulée, because you get the fun burnt sugar layer and you get to play with a blowtorch.

But after making this recipe, I’ll have to start bringing crème caramel into the rotation. While it doesn’t have the contrast of texture that crème brulée does, the soft caramel sauce infusing the custard is absolutely beautiful.

The pumpkin crème caramel is surprisingly light from the pumpkin purée and coconut milk.

This definitely deserves a try next time you want to skip the pumpkin pie.

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