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Fried breaded meatloaf

Source: Fine Cooking #91 (also at

Last spring I first wrote about the joys of meatloaf. As they often do, Fine Cooking also had a recipe for using up leftover meatloaf (not that there’s anything wrong with serving it straight up, and the fact that it took me so long to try it out is testament to that).

Fried, breaded meatloaf.

How do you take something great and make it even better? Bread it and fry it, of course.

It’s a bit sinful, but it’s absolutely delicious. The tasty meatloaf gets a lovely crunchy exterior. I used panko breadcrumbs, which are much coarser and crunchier than the usual grocery breadcrumbs (you can also use fresh bread crumbs, but that’s a lot of work). In fact, I use panko whenever recipes call for breadcrumbs.

My only warning is to be gentle with the meatloaf… It’s not like breading chicken or fish–if you’re not careful, it can fall apart.

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