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Red velvet layer cake


My parents and sister visited and the day they arrived was my sister’s 30th birthday. That called for a cake.

I’ve previously written about a few amazing chocolate cakes I’ve made. But I wanted to make something a bit different.

People go crazy for red velvet cake. I could care less about the fake red colour in modern red velvet cakes. (In the olden days, the red colour came from vinegar and buttermilk revealing the red anthocyanin in cocoa, but modern recipes use Dutch-processed cocoa that doesn’t produce the same reaction.)

But I do appreciate red velvet cakes because of the tangy cream cheese icing, which doesn’t have the same sugary heaviness of sweet cake icings. Even compared to a delicious chocolate ganache icing, it feels surprisingly light.

The only problem… we had Indian takeout for dinner, so we were too full to have dessert. But that just meant we got to have cake for breakfast the next day! Even better!

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