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Steak au poivre with New York strip

Pan-seared ribeye steak with pan-roasted carrots

Open-face flank steak sandwich with goat cheese and tomato

Grilled flank steak with cucumber-yogurt sauce and roasted vegetables

Parsnip and potato pancakes

Duck breast with apricot-tarragon pan sauce

Hunter’s style braised short ribs

Pumpkin crème caramel

Quinoa and avocado salad with lemon-cumin vinaigrette

Thanksgiving, part 2: Roasting the turkey, cooking the dressing and vegetable side dishes

Thanksgiving, part 1: Brining the turkey, baking bread and making pie

Tilapia and potatoes cooked in duck fat

Roasted duck with tangerine-hoisin glaze

Shrimp stew with coconut milk, tomatoes and cilantro

Grilled butterflied chicken with a chile-cinnamon rub

Grilled beef burger with seared foie gras

Foie gras poutine

French onion soup

Create your own potato salad

Fresh seafood in Fano

Blue cheese and radicchio gnocchi in San Leo

Frittata with black truffles

Grilled rosemary chicken thighs

Chicken tikka masala

Olive tapenade tart with caramelized onions and ricotta cheese

Seared foie gras on toasted baguette

Alsatian onion tart

Parsnip and parmigiano soup

Grilled chicken with peanut sauce

Pasta and bean soup


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