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Glazed orange pound cake

Homemade duck confit

Eggs Hemingway (or eggs Atlantic) with smoked salmon

Sourdough English muffins (recipe)

Pumpkin pie (recipe)

Cottage pie with beef and carrots

Short rib and porcini lasagne

Double ginger crackle cookies

Shrimp tacos with spicy cabbage slaw

Crusted rack of lamb with mashed potatoes

Potato knishes

Hoisin pork with napa cabbage

Cinnamon-raisin bread

Limoncello gin cocktail with grilled thyme

Italian frozen lemon cocktail

Watermelon gin punch

Village-style Greek salad with chicken

Iceberg wedges with blue cheese buttermilk dressing

Fried breaded meatloaf

Devil’s food chocolate cake (aka best-ever chocolate cake)

Butternut squash soup with apple and bacon

Spice-rubbed pan-fried New York strip steak

Risotto with corn, Italian sausage and arugula

Cilantro-lime guacamole with tortilla chips

Peach and mascarpone tart

Marinated peaches with honey whipped cream

Thai-style halibut and banana curry

Kohlrabi-radish slaw with cilantro and cumin

Vanilla ice cream with rhubarb compote (recipe)

Cinnamon-rhubarb muffins


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