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Seared foie gras on toasted baguette

Foie gras is one of my favourite things. Period.

It’s rich and smooth and melts in your mouth. No food can really compare to foie gras. So for my birthday meal, I naturally chose to plan it around foie gras.

While it can be used in a variety of ways, the best way to enjoy it is straight-up: seared and served with toasty bread.

Slice the foie gras into nice, thick servings. Heat a non-stick pan to get it nice and hot. You want the pan quite hot so that you develop a deep sear without melting too much foie gras. Place the foie gras in the pan. As some fat starts to render, spoon this over the top of the slices to help warm it through. Once the foie gras has developed a nice sear, flip it over to sear the other side. Continue to baste the tops of the foie gras. Once the second side has developed a nice sear, place the pan in the oven for a few minutes finish cooking the foie gras.

Serve on top of a toasted slice of baguette or crostini. Enjoy!

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