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Grilled beef burger with seared foie gras

Last week’s foie gras poutine adventure resulted in a fair amount of leftover foie gras. That’s definitely not a bad thing, but we did have to figure out how to prepare the rest of it.

Experiement #1 was a foie gras pizza. We used a standard pizza dough with some tomato sauce, sliced sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and finally topped with quarter-inch thick slices of foie gras. The result: absolutely amazing. The foie gras melted a bit, infusing the pizza with its flavour. The other result: we made this again two more times later in the week.

Experiment #2 was a grilled beef burger topped with seared foie gras. (It’s perhaps not much of an experiment, as it’s been proven quite successful at Au Pied de Cochon and other high-end burger places.)

The result was once again delicious. While the foie gras seemed to physically disappear (it basically fused into the bun), its flavour was present in every bite.

While I was already a foie gras fan before this week of experimentation, my appreciation and respect for this ingredient deepened. Sort of like bacon, it seems to make everyday dishes better.

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