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Hummus with tahini

Source: Joy of Cooking

I’m always looking for ways to incorporate more vegetables and legumes into my diet. I’m naturally attracted to dried beans because they’re so cheap. So I recently purchased a large bag of dried chickpeas because they’re so versatile.

My first dish was hummus. Who doesn’t like hummus? (At least when it’s not overloaded with raw garlic.)

I realized that hummus would make a complete protein when combined with my homemade whole wheat flat breads, so that’s a bonus. But only after reading a bit more about hummus did I realize that hummus itself is a complete protein when the recipe includes tahini, because tahini (ground sesame seeds) serves as the grain.

What I love most about homemade hummus is that you can control the amount of garlic that goes into it. In my case, I actually cooked the garlic in olive oil. This both mellows the garlic and infuses some flavour into the oil. By doing this, the garlic doesn’t overpower the hummus so that you can actually taste the chickpeas.

Delicious! And so easy to make a large batch, so there’s no reason to not to have this healthy appetizer/snack on hand all the time.

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