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Homemade mozzarella cheese

Recipe and supplies: Lotsa Motsa Kit

The idea of making cheese at home got into my head a few weeks ago. Dozens of cheeses can be made at home, and some are easier than others. Mozzarella is the perfect beginner’s cheese because it can be made in about 30 minutes.

It’s not hard to get into cheesemaking and it can be very rewarding. The only trick is finding the right supplies. Luckily, several online business make it easy by selling kits with everything you need. In Canada, check out and elsewhere, try New England Cheesemaking Supply.

In a nutshell, mozzarella is made by adding citric acid to milk to acidify it. The milk is then heated slightly before adding the rennet to coagulate it. Once coagulated, it’s heated a bit more to help separate the curd from the whey. The curd is then strained, formed into a mass, then heated further in either the whey or in the microwave so that the curd forms a cohesive mass and can be stretched. After kneading a while, salt is added and it’s formed into a ball and is ready to eat or chill for later use.

It’s really that simple. Few other recipes are this rewarding because it seems more like magic than cooking.

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  1. Velma Wace January 25, 2017

    This is delicious.

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