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Homemade doughnuts


Making anything with yeast doughs, like these doughnuts, requires a bit more commitment than regular baking. It’s not necessarily more difficult, but the dough generally requires 2 rising periods, each usually 1 hour long. So you’re easily looking at an entire day’s activity. (If you’re looking for a simpler recipe, try these doughnut muffins.)

But the final product is always worth it.

Today I was craving some doughnuts. This recipe is actually surprisingly simple. All the ingredients get combined in the bowl of a stand mixer, and the machine mixes it.

The (very sticky) dough then rises for 1 hour, you then divide it into 16 pieces, roll into balls, and then let rise again for 1 hour.

At this point, it’s time to deep fry them. The key to deep frying is a good deep frying or candy thermometer to ensure your temperature is where it needs to be. (Too hot and things burn before they cook through, too cool and the food absorbs too much oil.)

Once perfectly cooked, the doughnuts get tossed in sugar, and filled with jam. (Although you can simplify things and skip the filling, and they’re still perfectly delicious!)

There’s nothing more satisfying than a delicious, warm doughnut… specially knowing you made it yourself from wholesome ingredients. Nothing guilty about that.

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