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Vegan butter tarts

Source: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

I’ve always loved butter tarts, and I was curious to see if vegan butter tarts could be as delicious.

The answer is a resounding YES. These butter tarts are so delicious and classically authentic that there’s no need to make animal-based versions ever again.

The pastry is an easy conversion since pie pastry is often made with vegetable shortening (not butter). For the vegan butter tart filling, butter is replaced with vegan butter (Earth Balance baking sticks) and eggs are replaced with corn starch.

Use a double batch of pastry and a 1.5 batch of filling to make 12 vegan butter tarts.

Vegan butter tart closeup
Vegan butter tart closeup

For more vegan pastries, this apple tarte tatin recipe could be easily made vegan with Earth Balance vegan butter.

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