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Vegan tempeh bacon wraps

SOURCE: The Buddhist Chef

These vegan wraps have become a regular meal for us. The magical central ingredient is tempeh, a fermented soy product that originated in Java, Indonesia. Tempeh is a great high-protein vegan meat alternative, being more toothy and higher-protein than tofu. (And don’t get turned off by “fermented”… it’s not stinky, and the fermentation process makes the soy carbohydrates more digestible.

The tempeh gets sliced about 1/4-inch thick and then boiled in a savoury mixture of vegetable broth and spices until the liquid is fully absorbed into the tempeh, and the tempeh develops a golden brown colour. It’s going for a bacon-like flavour and texture… and while that’s a bit of a stretch, it has a wholesome bite and smokey/sweet/salty flavour combination that’s simply delicious.

The tempeh “bacon” works great in a wrap with vegan mayo, mustard and lettuce, or on a sandwich with your favourite sandwich toppings.

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