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Caramel apple cheesecake cake

Source: Cake by Courtney

Another year, another birthday. I’ve been following a few cake decorators on Instagram, and I challenged myself to create a picture-perfect cake. But I wanted it to taste amazing too. I selected a caramel apple cheesecake cake by Courtney Rich of Cake by Courtney.

This is a perfect cake.

The cake layers are moist.

There’s texture from the Biscoff crumb crust in each cake layer.

There’s some tang from the cream cheese filling.

There’s freshness from the apple chunks.

The Biscoff buttercream icing is flavourful and not too sweet.

Slice caramel apple cheesecake cake
Slice of caramel apple cheesecake cake

The recipe is written for a 8-inch cake with layers. I baked it as a 6-inch cake with 4 layers. But as I was assembling the cake, 3 layers gave me the height I needed, so I didn’t use the fourth layer (it’s in the freezer to enjoy later).

Like most of my cake baking, I baked the cake layers a week in advance and froze them (wrapped well in plastic wrap and aluminum foil). I made the caramel, cream cheese filling and cooked the apples the day before, so they could be fully chilled. I removed the cake layers from the freezer 1 hour before assembly so they were still firm and easier to work with. I made the buttercream frosting right before assembly.

I applied a crumb coat and froze the cake for 30 minutes before frosting it. I chilled the cake again before drizzling over the caramel that I warmed up just enough to be pourable.

I was thrilled with how this turned out. My prettiest cake ever! And as delicious as they get! I’ll happily make this again.

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