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Cherry cheesecake layer cake

An epic 40th birthday cake


I’ve previously mentioned that I love cheesecake. But for my 40th birthday, I wanted to make something a bit more epic than a normal cheesecake. Although nothing can really beat the flavour of a great cheesecake, a layer cake delivers the wow-factor I wanted. This cherry cheesecake layer cake brings the best of all worlds together.

Each cake layer has a graham crumb crust, just like a cheesecake. The cake layers are flavoured with cream cheese. Instead of icing between the cake layers, we have cheesecake filling and sour cherry compote. The buttercream on the sides is flavoured with more graham crumbs, and the whole thing is topped with more cheesecake filling and sour cherry compote.

10/10… absolutely fantastic!

Overall, this came together quite nicely, and didn’t require any crazy ingredients. And since it’s not a true cheesecake, it’s actually a bit lighter (as long as you can control your serving sizes), while still delivering a cheesecake experience.

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