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Avocado frozen yogurt

Source: Fine Cooking #103 (also at

I’m always willing to try new ice cream and gelato recipes. A while back, Fine Cooking magazine had a “make your own” ice cream article that proposes various flavouring options, and encourages you to mix and match to create your own unique flavour combinations. I didn’t do anything crazy, but did enjoy more savoury ice creams, such as lavender, and earl grey tea.

So when the latest issue came out featuring avocado frozen yogurt, I was quick to jump on it. (I would have made it sooner, but I had to wait for the avocados to ripen.) The base of the recipe is a milk and egg custard, to which you add yogurt and puréed avocado.

The avocado flavour is enhanced by a touch of lemon and lime (both zest and juice). But not enough to overpower the avocado; the dominant flavour of the final product is definitely avocado.

The texture of the frozen yogurt is also worth mentioning, because it inherits the rich, creamy texture of the fruit.

So this turned out to be a wonderful treat, and a great avocado showcase. I’ll definitely be repeating this recipe in the heat of the summer, when it will taste that much better.

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