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Seared scallops with herb-butter pan sauce

Source: Fine Cooking #72 (also at

Watching reruns of Hell’s Kitchen always makes me crave scallops, since seared scallops always feature heavily in Gordon Ramsay’s shows. In Hell’s Kitchen, they’re often create drama because they’re either raw in the center, not seared nicely, or cooked to the point they feel like rubber.

But I honestly don’t know why scallops cause such a problem, because as long you start with a hot pan and cook for just a couple minutes on each side, they should turn our perfectly every time.

What’s great about scallops is that they feel like such an indulgence, but they’re super quick and simple to make. It’s just a matter of searing them on both sides, and preparing a quick sauce for them. Reusing the same pan used for cooking the scallops, this recipe reduces vermouth (or wine) with herbs and lemon zest, and adds butter for body.

Super-simple, but this is the perfect restaurant-worthy light lunch when served with a nice salad.

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