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Penne with ricotta, caramelized onion, radicchio and fried capers

Source: Fine Cooking #138 (also at

Camping doesn’t need to mean hotdogs and canned food. It’s easy to do fine dining while camping if you choose the recipes wisely.

(For the record, I do enjoy a nice fire-roasted hotdog while camping.)

This is a great pasta dish for an evening meal or for guests when you don’t want to be slaving away.

And with the right prep, it’s perfect for camping! Many of the steps can be done ahead of time: I fried the capers and thyme and packaged them in a small container lined with paper towel. I fried the onion and radicchio and packaged them in another container.

On the camping trip, this meal was as simple as boiling the pasta on the camp stove and reserving some pasta water. After draining the pasta, toss it with some of the ricotta cheese (kept cold in the drinks cooler), reserved pasta water, onion, radicchio and half of the capers, and then top with a dollop of ricotta and remaining capers.

Fine cooking while camping!

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